Puerto Maya

The Puerto Maya region, located in the northeast of the state, is made up of the municipalities of Panabá, Río Lagartos, San Felipe, Sucilá and Tizimín. 

Puerto Maya

From the turquoise sea to the pink explosion

The Puerto Maya region, located in the northeast of the state, is made up of the municipalities of Panabá, Río Lagartos, San Felipe, Sucilá and Tizimín. 

The coast of this region offers a unique natural spectacle, with protected natural spaces and a diverse fauna. The star of the colonial part is in the hands of Tizimín, in addition to being one of the main cattle raising municipalities of the state.

https://qa.yucatan.travel/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Rosa-y-Azul-450x300.jpgThe Coloradas and Río Lagartos

From the deep blue color of the cenotes of crystalline waters to the pink explosion of the flamingos. Walk along the shores and admire the incredible exuberance that covers the Mayan coast of Yucatán. Travel the coast by boat and be a privileged spectator of the immense flocks of flamingos that cloud the sky as they fly by. Sail through the quiet mangrove and set your imagination free.

Main destinations

San Felipe

San Felipe is ideal to forget about the hectic life of the city and experience total relaxation. Its homes are still made of wood and are decorated with very vivid colors and tones. A sight to behold as you walk through its streets.

Today, it has become one of the most important tourist spots in Yucatán, due to the unique beauty of its surroundings, especially for those who love being immersed within nature.

In addition to the tours around the nearby mangroves, sport fishing is one of the main attractions of the area. Generally, the local residents are in charge of organizing it, as they know the best fish concentration locations. The friendliness of the inhabitants of the port will embrace you, given that they are the main ambassadors of the ports and promoters of their tourist attractions.


Also named as "Place of the Tapir", only 2 hours away from Mérida. Tizimín is known as the City of Kings, for its renowned traditional festival in honor of the Three Kings, a tradition that began during the colony and is has been preserved until now. For more than a week, the largest livestock and commercial festival in the northeast of the state is celebrated. Important religious ceremonies take place during these days.

Some of its main attractions are:

Historical Center

Downtown, people can enjoy strolling around a beautiful and quiet square, and visiting the Cathedral of the Three Kings. The church has a particular architecture as it does not have high towers or bell towers like others in the state.

Municipal Market

Its round shape, provides a different and unique view. The sale of products becomes a festival of colors and flavors. There are stalls that sell meats in its center, and fruits and vegetables stores are distributed around them.


During the first days of January a festival is held in honor of the Three Kings, as well as an important procession and a traditional fair.

https://qa.yucatan.travel/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/kuluba_2b.jpg_423682103-360x487.jpgKulubá Ruins
The Catacombs

As a matter of fact, these places are "sascaberas". In other words, tunnels and chambers from which the "sascab" material used in construction was extracted. Nowadays, inside them you can see engravings, paintings and images of the three kings which are visited by thousands of tourists.

Kulubá Ruins

A recently opened site for tourists, lost among the old ranches, its buildings emerge mystically from the ground among nature. The Temple of the Masks and the Palace of the Chenes are the most relevant.

Cenote Kikil

The beautiful cenote is colossal! It is estimated that it has 55 meters of depth and 30 meters of diameter, that is why it is imperative to extreme precautions. The place is managed by the community's cooperative and by visiting it you will be contributing to its economy.

The tourist center has varied amenities, which makes it an ideal place to spend the day with family and friends.

https://qa.yucatan.travel/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/KIKIL-TIZIMIN-1-450x300.jpgCenote Kikil
The Cuyo
https://qa.yucatan.travel/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/1-Blog-El-Cuyo-P4160144-450x300.jpgThe Cuyo

The Cuyo is the small port of the municipality of Tizimín within the Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve. It is located on the boundaries with the state of Quintana Roo. It is a great place to practice ecotourism or adventure.

You can spend a pleasant vacation relaxing in one of the villas that are rented for this purpose. If you prefer, it can also be a starting point for visiting the Ría Lagartos Natural Park.


Río Lagartos

Only 12 kilometers separate the port of San Felipe from Río Lagartos, from where you can take a tour that will give you a memorable experience and let you be contact with nature.

The recommendation is to book ahead of time a tour with the specialized agencies in the area. They know the best schedule for bird watching, including the beautiful pink flamingoes. More than 80 kilometers of the river cross through three of the region's municipalities: San Felipe, Río Lagartos and a part of Tizimín. It was declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1979, in order to preserve the ecosystem, along with more than 250 species that live there.

https://qa.yucatan.travel/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/RíaLagartos-360x487.jpgRío Lagartos

The tour lasts about 4 hours. During the tour you will be amazed by the natural wonder of the Yucatán coast and its fauna. The main attraction of the tour is undoubtedly the pink flamingo. However, pelicans, white herons, cormorants, storks and some crocodiles are very common to see throughout the tour.

https://qa.yucatan.travel/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/ASHLEY-BAÑO-MAYA-5-450x300.pngMayan Bath

There is a spot where you will get to the Mayan Bath. In this place you will be able to immerse yourself in water with a high concentration of salt and sulphur, so the bath will be very soothing. When you leave, you will "exfoliate" your body with a kind of clay that will cover you completely. After a few minutes, once it dries and its properties have had the desired effect, you will arrive at a beach where you will wash off all the clay and feel the softness of your skin. The return to the starting point will mark the end of the tour.

The Coloradas

The Coloradas are located within a private area, property of the Salinera de Yucatán. Access is permitted, but you must bear in mind that they are not suitable waters for swimming, firstly because we would affect the production of salt by contaminating the water and secondly, because of the high concentration of minerals and the temperature of the water.

 Its unexplored beaches make them an excellent place to enjoy the sun and to spend time with your couple, family or friends. The road to Las Coloradas is also an excellent opportunity to admire the landscape and the sand dunes.

Finally, you will be able to groove on the beauty of the flamingos that linger in this place. These birds can be seen in greater detail in the pink waters of the salt flats.

https://elasticbeanstalk-us-east-1-056492816796.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/11004943/IMG_4760.jpgThe Coloradas

On the way to The Coloradas you will find different cities that were founded by the Spaniards, such as ruins of former convents and big haciendas. This way you will not only have a great time at the beach, but you will also get to know a little bit of history. Also, in the hidden houses you will see different cenotes that have crystalline waters.

You can get there from Mérida. However, if you already are in Río Lagartos, it would be much closer, only 20 minutes away.

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